Residential Surveys: ALTA

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Our ALTA surveys provide the data the title company and financial institution require to ensure you receive the title insurance you need. We follow the standards set forth by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), as well as additional requirements specified by you and/or the lender. Our team will review the title commitment to accurately demonstrate easements, both benefiting and encumbering the property. We also carefully locate all improvements on the property and prepare a concise, detailed drawing that is color coded and easy to review. Our team will expose any encroachments or issues that could pose a risk to your investment.

Why Terrane?

Speed, and a dedicated team of over 30 experienced professionals. Whatever you need, consider it done. From providing the fastest turnaround on proposals to dedicating the most detailed attention to reviews and revisions, we ensure every transaction closes on schedule. You'll be glad you selected us.