Land Use Surveys: Condo Surveys

Solid Foundation

Condo surveys require significant coordination and attention to detail. An accurate, concise plan of the condominium must be created and recorded to establish the uses of every internal and external space, to protect both the builder/developer and the future condo owners. A good condo survey leaves nothing to question about the ownership and responsibilities by depicting and describing all of the elements of the building(s) involved. It is the foundation for future purchase and sale agreements, and can be a tremendous tool for marketing the project to prospective buyers. Though they don't require a permit review typical of other land use projects, they are a record of the entire condominium structure or complex.

Why Terrane?

Our surveyors and project managers have extensive experience in creating accurate and legible condo surveys. Our team has worked with all types of developers and builders in creating these surveys. They know exactly what it takes, from start to finish, both on-site and in the office, to produce condo surveys that are not only recordable but also effective. Our knowledge and experience will put your project a step ahead of the rest.