Land Use Surveys: Binding Site Plans

Built for the Future

For most commercial projects, a binding site plan is the best way to segregate or split up parcels into defined areas associated with the proposed development or uses. Similar to short plats and formal plats, the end result is separate parcels that can be developed and sold individually. However, the binding site plan process differentiates itself by providing a more defined development pattern and establishing the future development footprint on the lots it creates. In turn, it eases future development and building permitting as well as establishes a cohesive development that can be built in phases over time. This process is best performed alongside the building permit or site development permitting processes and is then recorded much like a final plat.

Why Terrane?

Our team has years of experience in preparing these applications. Our project managers have spent their careers building strong relationships with both the reviewing agencies and other consultants, allowing us to work closely and effectively toward the approval of your project. Our team is dedicated to streamlining these complex projects while coordinating all of the numerous aspects necessary to achieve approvals.