ALTA Surveys

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Our ALTA surveys provide the data the title company and financial institution require to ensure you receive the title insurance you need. We follow the standards set forth by the American Land Title Association (ALTA), as well as additional requirements specified by you and/or the lender. Our team will review the title commitment to accurately demonstrate easements, both benefiting and encumbering the property including any encroachments or issues that could pose a risk to your investment.. We carefully locate improvements on the property and prepare a concise, detailed drawing that is easy to review.

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Alta Surveys You Can Depend On

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are an essential part of the entitlement process in land purchases. As local experts in Bellevue, WA, the professionals at Terrane provide all the options and various alternatives available for a complete ALTA/NSPS Survey to fit your specifications and needs.
Terrane works closely with:
      Investment Companies
      Financial Institutions
      Real Estate Developers
      Property Managers
We provide comprehensive ALTA/ACSM Surveys along with deed and easement research. Plus, we pride ourselves in always delivering detailed surveys on time. You can feel confident that we follow the standards set by NSPS, ALTA, and HUD.

What is an Alta Survey?

ALTA stands for America Land and Title Association. The ALTA Survey definition is an on-site ALTA Land Title Survey inspection of the property. This in-person survey by a licensed surveyor is essential because it can uncover issues that aren't showing in any public records. These items can include:
      New Improvements
      Demolished Improvements
Although the above are the main items we find in conducting ALTA Land Title Surveys, by following best practices, we can uncover a variety of other issues. It's essential to locate and identify anything that can impact the ownership or use of the land. Without ALTA/ACSM Land Surveys, there could be undiscovered improvements from adjoining parcels encroaching on the property, as well as unauthorized roads, fencing, or setback violations.

Title Surveys - Detailed & Easy to Review

Our ALTA Surveys provide all of the data title companies, and financial institutions require to ensure you receive the title insurance you need. The title survey definition is a thorough investigation and evaluation of primary factors affecting the property. Also, we are happy to provide any additional requirements or information requested by you or the lender.
Our highly trained team thoroughly reviews all title commitments to make sure they accurately demonstrate all easements, both encumbering and benefiting the property. We list any issues or encroachments that could be a risk to your investment.
Also, we thoroughly locate any improvements on the property and prepare a concise, detailed drawing that's easy to review. Just as the ALTA real estate definition suggests - we focus on the property's abstract of title, and history of the real estate title.

ALTA ACSM Survey Standards

ALTA/ACSM Surveys are incredibly detailed. At Terrane, we follow the strict standards set by the American Land Title Association (ALTA). The two associations set these standards. They are:
      ALTA (American Land Title Association)
      ACSM (American Congress of Surveying and Mapping)
Every surveyor must be registered and licensed to conduct an ALTA ACSM Land Title Survey, Compared to boundary surveys that only show the property boundary lines, ALTA ACSM Surveys are more detailed.
Besides the boundary lines between different parcels, it also indicates:
      Land improvements
      Property Features
      Access roads and routes onto the property
      Easements and structures
      The existence of any cemeteries
      Water boundaries
      Property legal description
      Information that other parties have used the property

What's an ALTA Survey Table A?

In addition to the basic ALTA Survey points, there is an additional ALTA ACSM Table A for optional information needed.
Every parcel and property are different and has unique attributes. Items listed in Table A would discover:
      If the plot is in or near a wetland
      All adjoining owners names
      Location of any monuments
      Flood zone classification
      Gross land area
      Zoning classification
      Setback requirements
      Exterior dimensions of buildings
      Number and type of parking spaces
      Manholes and utility holes
      Location of utility lines wires and cables
      Distance to the nearest intersecting street
If the surveyor discovers anything concerning, then at least you have the opportunity to resolve the matter rather than be surprised later after the deal closes.
And, by using a local Puget Sound company that follows standard ALTA ACSM Survey requirements, you can feel confident in your purchase.

Why it's Vital to Get an ALTA Survey?

Before you acquire any property, and especially a commercial property, it's imperative to get a survey that adheres to ALTA ACSM standards. An elementary boundary survey won't reveal all the potential risks and information you need. You don't want to overpay or buy a piece of property for a particular use only to find out it won't work. Plus, you'll avoid disputes and problems in the future.
When getting a loan for a commercial property, most lenders require ACSM surveying. Even if you're buying with cash, it's highly recommended you get one.
A thorough survey conducted by ALTA ACSM Survey standards will reveal risks that can delay or even stop an acquisition from taking place. Here are the top ones to watch out for:
      Disputes on property lines
      Unauthorized easement claims
      Possible flood hazards
Also, keep in mind that it's essential to use a local company you can trust like Terrane. We've been in business for over 30 years and surveyed thousands of sites. You can see the ALTA Surveys we've conducted in and around the Puget Sound area here. Call us today at 425-458-4488 to order your next ALTA Land Survey.