Property Surveys

Unlike other land surveying companies, Terrane has 4 distinct teams; each one focusing on specific types of land surveys. Each one, true experts with honed in processes for delivering the best solutions for each site survey service we offer. Time is money, and our team-oriented approach allows us to better execute field work and drafting efficiently and on time. Our state-of-the-art technology and communication systems ensure that all site requests are accurate and comprehensive
Whether it's a topographic survey or a FEMA Elevation Certificate, our focus on coordination, information gathering, and attention to detail results in surveys that are comprehensive, precise, and easy to use. Our full color surveys feature an expanded use of line weights and hatching to create drawings that are easy to read. Critical information such as easements are highlighted in color, and all project specifics are detailed in one concise location with revision history clearly shown.

ALTA Surveys

Terrane is recognized for our unmatched responsiveness and comprehensive ALTA Survey services in the region. Our finely tuned processes and proprietary systems make our services unparalleled in quality and speed. From the moment you contact us for a proposal we pride ourselves on the highest level of service. We will almost always have a proposal back to you the same day and the worst case scenario the following day.

Other Land Surveys

Terrane's undaunted determination to be more than just a service, but instead part of a larger team has earned us the reputation to partner with many of the Northwest's leading architects, builders, developers, engineers, and realtors, (not to mention homeowners, brokers, financing institutions, attorneys, etc.). As a result we offer a comprehensive set of surveying services including Topographic Surveys and Construction Surveys.